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1Shops Empty Shops on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:40 am


Wolf Master
To keep it simple, you have to start by opening your shop with a 2000B-bucks buy to the bank.
This can be done with a loan, or whatever. You will also have to pay 500b Bucks, regardless of
status of your shop, monthly to the bank so that you can keep your shop on the marketplace.
Again, loans can be made, but refusal to pay loans properly will result in a foreclosure of your shop.

However, you have free reign. Once you figure out what kind of shop you are making,
RP verse real goods, make it and get to work selling and doing whatever you can to get ahead of other shops
Some shops will do well, others will sink. Finding out how to get your shop in the win is your job,
though advice may occassionally be given, this is your world. Good luck.

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