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Adopt a newbie

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1 Adopt a newbie on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:09 pm


Wolf Master
Okay, if you are a newb post here that you would like help.

If you'd like to help adopt a newb, then post here and wait for someone you can help to come along.
**You must have been active for two months before you can adopt. Not only that, you must know the site well.**
Its a simple program, really.

You spend a week or two Pming and getting a new person through the ropes of the site. After 2 weeks we evaluate your success, and if the newbie is well integrated you get paid.

reward: 45 stats and 2,200 bleach bucks

**Newbs: You must get on. If you ask for an instructor, and after a week, you have failed to get on, you will be taken off the list. And you must ask to be added to the program again.**

Members that can adopt:


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