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Users Guide ( on being better)

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1Users Guide ( on being better) Empty Users Guide ( on being better) on Sun Aug 08, 2010 1:01 pm


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User guide for Bleach: better than less

getting started:okay, first you'll need to go on to the academy.
and go on to new members;
after that you'll be okay plus thats how you get noticed in the new members topic.

User Profile: To get to the users profile you look between groups and messages.
Once you get there. you'll see some options four you to fill out.
okay next is the signature or as some will say sig. for short; you have your own sig. to do
so be creative. and next is avater next to signature,
you'll be able to pick a pic that you want as your avatar or ava.;
then your done with user profile.

Groups: groups are important because if your not in a group for at least 14 days without picking a
group(Dark Pearl will put you in a group and you'll have to pm her for the group you want to be in
if she apporves of you message sayings.)And once your in a group you'll have to do mission to
earn bleach bucks.

Bleach Bucks: bleach bucks are money for you to use to buy stuff from the market.
and in other events I don't know ( and am the banker to.)

there might be more so feel free to check back.

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